The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Niemand

Make a scenario where the party has to make a dangerous trip.
The scenario will take place in a snowy climate.
The party will spend most of the time fighting magical creations.
Three things will be important to the plot: a red herring, a set of secret documents, and unwarranted self-importance.

Rank in contest: 2

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Judge: Turtle

Rank: 1st

(You can find Turtle's judging comments here.)

Judge: Enraged Slith

Rank: 3rd

Very impressive scripting-wise, though there were a few bugs. The scenario gives the impression of much more depth than is presented, which is a pretty darn good storytelling technique.

Judge: Dantius

Rank: 2nd

Probably the most technically advanced scenario entered. I feel like this one really got the feel of what a 1/10 contest entry should be, and the cool encounters and interesting visuals only made it better.