Waterweb by Handyman

Make a scenario where the party has to solve a mystery.
The scenario will take place in a river or lake system.
The party will spend most of the time fighting slithzerikai bandits.
Three things will be important to the plot: the tremendous riches at stake, unrealistic expectations, and good news.

Rank in contest: 1

Download the contest entry (Windows)
Download the contest entry (Macintosh)

Judge: Turtle

Rank: 2nd

(You can find Turtle's judging comments here.)

Judge: Enraged Slith

Rank: 1st

Some extreme annoyances, including the lack of a pre-fab party, but it's far more involved and larger than the other entries. It impressed me the most as something the designer spent a lot of effort on. Of course, it might break the size and time limit restrictions we put on contestants, so I don't know if it can be legitimately declared winner.

Judge: Dantius

Rank: 1st

I really liked this scenario- it had a very intricate and rich plot, cool character, good (if slightly repetitive) visuals, challenging combat, etc. Even if I allow for the fact that it fails to fit withing the bounds of the 1/10 contest, it's still far and away the best, IMO.