Melliput Mobsters by Celtic Minstrel

Make a scenario where the party has to retrieve an item.
The scenario will take place in a snowy climate.
The party will spend most of the time fighting nephil mobsters.
Three things will be important to the plot: a family secret, an unexpected betrayal, and an unfortunate accident.

Rank in contest: 6

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Judge: Turtle

Rank: 6th

(You can find Turtle's judging comments here.)

Judge: Enraged Slith

Rank: 4th

Unpolished, but a tremendous effort given the frame of the contest. The pacing of action is probably the best I've ever seen in a scenario. I'm probably a bit biased here since I've played a more recent version than the one entered in the contest.

Judge: Dantius

Rank: 6th

I just plain didn't like this scenario. There were a ton of bugs in the staircases and second floor of the town, the map consisted of a blank stretch of land, a town, and a hill, I was lost and direction less most of the scenario, and the combat was either laughably easy or insanely difficult. I dunno, it just seemed a little too underwhelming for me. Hopefully it will get rereleased in an improved version, as I did think it had some potential.