The Black Crown, Part 1 by Duck

Make a scenario where the party has to stop a monster plague.
The scenario will take place in a river or lake system.
The party will spend most of the time fighting wild beasts.
Three things will be important to the plot: a trap or ambush, a container of mysterious contents, and the mastermind behind it all.

Rank in contest: 5

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Download the contest entry (Macintosh)

Judge: Turtle

Rank: 5th

(You can find Turtle's judging comments here.)

Judge: Enraged Slith

Rank: 6th

This is a big step up from Duck's previous work, and it sits on par with other good scenarios. There are a lot of cool ideas and a lot of detail. Its main problem is that it really isn't a full scenario. He deserves kudos for being the first one to finish, especially since he probably could have made it larger if he had taken as much time as some of the other designers. This one is last, but it isn't a "worst" by any means.

Judge: Dantius

Rank: 5th

It seemed a little sparse and railroad-y, and I didn't like the fact that you seemed to just wander from one fight to another. Then again, I suppose that could apply to just about all BoA scenarios, so whatever. Duck does get points for having probably the best integration of the randomized elements, so props for that.