Cradle by B.J.Earles

Make a scenario where the party has to defend a location or person.
The scenario will take place in a marsh or swamp.
The party will spend most of the time fighting wild beasts.
Three things will be important to the plot: a powerful mage the party meets, a natural wonder, and hallowed ground.

Rank in contest: 3

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Judge: Turtle

Rank: 3rd

(You can find Turtle's judging comments here.)

Judge: Enraged Slith

Rank: 2nd

Just a good solid adventure. There are a few minor bumps that need to be polished out, but it's still pretty good for a short scenario.

Judge: Dantius

Rank: 3rd

I probably would have rated this first were Waterweb not entered, seeing as SA seems just a teeny bit small to get the number one spot. However, this one did not seem small at all, probably because it wasn't. Nonetheless, the feelings of being under constant assault and the fact that you didn't really understand why made for an interesting scenario. Plus, I really liked some of the characters, as they didn't seem anywhere near as flat as they could have wound up being.