Kill Prize, Win Ogre

Rating: Unrated
Last modified: 4/1/07, 12:00 AM
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What critics have to say about Kill Prize, Win Ogre

  • Firstly, the plot sounds almost orgasmic. Jeff should employ you to plot Av5. The screenshots put anything I've ever seen to shame, and stir a place in my heart previously stirred by that lass off the weather channel. You know the one.
    Technically, brilliant - you could play this using only one-hand (and you may need to). It's when you see things like this, things of such magnitude and beauty, that you wish computers were capable of mating.
    Good work!
    - Nikki
  • You will either love or hate this scenario. If you love it, you will wish it was 100 times larger. If you hate it, you will wish it was 100 times smaller. There is no middle ground.
    - Dikiyoba.
  • My only complaint is it doesn't increase my number of scenarios won count. I'll have you know I fought hard to kill that prize...
    - Micawber
  • I feel the urge to eat pies and give you a sawing machine.
    - Thralni
  • I had to play twice. I got so excited I killed the ogre. Avant garde!
    - Salmon
  • Excellent scenario - it's a shame that I ruined a perfectly good pair of pants in the process of playing it.
    - Lazarus
  • I was completely stunned by the intricate plot and the superb use of scripting. Surely, my pitiful scenario cannot equal this masterpiece of Dread Lord Dintiradan's.
    - Arancaytar
  • It honestly is the worst scenario that I have ever played. It makes Shitwrecked look like Avernum 2.
    - Tyranicus
    (Such negative reviews are a small, small minority. I give Tyranicus the immense honour of having a review posted here because he did the Mac conversion for me. As a reward, he will be given freshly-baked bread and bottled water in his well-furnished 8x10 cell block.)

If you wish to add your own glowing review to the list, send it to me (along with cash) to dintiradan(at)gmail(dot)com

Due to Nioca's insistence, I am planning a sequel, 'Kill Ogre, Win Trowel'. Expect many screenshots, progress reports, Hype posts on Shadow Vale, and several rounds of beta testing.