Rating: Everyone
Last modified: 8/14/10, 12:00 AM
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  • SEE -- the beauty of the Yavs Valley!
  • HEAR -- the pitched sound of battle as you fight for your very life!
  • SMELL -- the manure made from a herd of forty-foot tall cows!

You may think that no scenario could be as great as this one sounds. And you would be right. HOWEVER. If a rough approximation of the excitement above is what you want, check this scenario out. It is guaranteed to almost be able to nearly sate your desire for good scenarios.

Sort of.

Oops is my submission for the Randomised Contest (check out my contest entry). Like most entries in the contest, it was very rushed (in fact, the scenario doesn't even contain all the required aspects). That said, if you want a (very) short, somewhat humourous scenario, check it out.