Edit Them Dead Part Three

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Last modified: 8/22/14, 12:00 AM
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So. Some explanation. Back in 2009, the BoA community was looking for ways to get more people into designing. A bunch of ideas were discussed, and one of them was a tutorial scenario. Not a tutorial for playing Blades of Avernum, but a scenario that acted as a design tutorial. The idea was simple. Make a scenario that was 90% complete. In order for players to progress, they would have to open the Editor or scripts to fill in the holes, with the characters within the scenario offering helpful advice. After the 'plot' was roughly outlined, the scenario was split into four parts, with a different designer working on each part to speed up the development process.

As with nearly all collaborative scenarios, nothing came to fruition. I completed my section, but in all honesty my section was the shortest (essentially being comprised of design lessons that didn't fit anywhere else). And so it sat on my website's Subversion repository, collecting dust. Until half a decade later I mentioned the project, and someone told me to release my bit, and I listened because I'm such a swell chap.

Enjoy this piece of BoA history.