Pesky Goblins

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Last modified: 8/8/17, 12:00 AM
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In 2007, Terror's Martyr wrote Think Inside of the Box, an article recommending that new designers start with releasing very small scenarios, as a way of getting acquianted with both the Editor and the process of actually releasing a scenario. Aside from seeding the idea of the 24 Hour Scenario Contests (2007 and 2009), he also created Settlers as an example scenario that could be created with this process.

In 2009, scenario designers were brainstorming ways to revitalize the Blades community. One idea discussed was a tutorial scenario that was partially complete. The player/designer would have to play the scenario, get advice from the NPCs on what to change, then open the Editor and/or script files and fill in the gaps. In our infinite wisdom, we decided that this already complicated project should be a collaborative effort. Nothing came of it, of course, though you can download my segment here.

I still wanted there to be a more in-depth tutorial for new designers than the one present in the documentation. Something like Settlers was good, but it lacked step-by-step instructions. I started work on a minuscule scenario that would still cover all but the most advanced tricks, and documenting every step of the way with detailed instructions and screenshots.

That was September 2010.

Well, it's finished now, for what little good it will do. Good things come to those who wait seven years. You can download the scenario here, of course, but the main attraction is the Design Tutorial itself. I hope it's of some help to any prospective designers crazy enough to design for a indie game that's in its teens.