Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

These are the voyages of the TSN Adequate...

Playing Artemis

Artemis is a spaceship combat simulator. Each player takes on one of six roles: helm, weapons, engineer, science, communications, or captain. It feels a lot like the combat you see on shows like Star Trek. Six people is the ideal number for one ship (though you can play with fewer if people are willing to play multiple stations). It's also possible to play with more than one ship, either cooperatively or PvP.

You can get a demo here. If you want to join in a SW game, e-mail or PM me for the username/password and download here (I bought the game, it's all legit). Make sure you install the relevant patches. Artemis is a Windows program; you'll need an emulator if you don't run Windows.

We usually hang out in the Calamity Refuge chatroom when setting up the game. If you aren't already a member, you can join here.


We use Mumble for voicechat, get it here. We're currently using as our server. It takes a while to set up Mumble, so make sure you do it before a session happens. If we are playing a multi-ship mission, remember to set up multiple channels if you are a comms officer.

Recommended Setup

Artemis is meant for LAN play: the server uses a projector or TV as screen, while all other computers run their own stations only. We're playing online, so if you want to see both the main screen and the station console at the same time, you'll need to do a bit extra. Have two Artemis windows running: one with just the main screen selected, and one with your console(s). This way you can both do your job and see what's happening to the ship as a whole.

Resources and Links