Custom creatures

We could make the final goblin be just another Goblin Fighter. But instead, let's go the extra mile and give it its own creature type. The game lets you define your own custom creatures, and give them unique appearance and abilities. For the pesky goblin's graphics, download this image (the goblin graphics in the original Nethergate) and save it in the scenario directory as G500.bmp. Macintosh users will have to follow a different process.


We'll also have to create a scenario data script. Data scripts contain definitions for all the custom creatures, floors, terrains, and items in a scenario. Their name needs to match up with the scenario file: since our scenario file is pesky.bas, the scenario data file needs to be peskydata.txt. Create that file in the scenario directory and copy the following:


begindefinecreature 234;
  import = 134; // Goblin Fighter
  cr_name = "Pesky Goblin";
  cr_hp_bonus = 50;
  cr_which_sheet = 500;

Let's go through the data script, line by line:

We could tweak the goblin a lot more if we wanted to. Page 56 of the documentation has a list of every possible thing you can alter in a creature definition. But now it's time for our goblin to meet the player.