Releasing your scenario

The last file you need to add to your scenario folder is the all-important README.txt. This file should contain important information about your scenario that may not be found elsewhere:

This is what I wrote for this scenario's README.txt:

Pesky Goblins

by Dintiradan (
Version 1.0.0, released August 8, 2017

(Find up-to-date versions of my scenarios at

Recommended for level 1 parties.


'Pesky Goblins' is a very simple scenario about retrieving a necklace from the
goblins that stole it. It is also the product of my Design Tutorial (which you
can find at Be sure to
check it out if you want to see how this scenario was made, and more
importantly, if you want to learn how to make scenarios of your own.


G500.bmp: Nethergate

Thank you to Tyranicus for doing the Macintosh graphics conversion.

Graphics conversion is a necessary step for any scenario that uses custom graphics. Blades of Avernum is designed for two platforms — Windows and Macintosh — and each platform deals with graphics files differently. Once beta testing is complete and every file in your scenario folder is finalized, ask for a Macintosh user to do the conversion for you (use the forums if need be). You'll have to e-mail them a .zip file of your scenario (make a .zip like you did here). Again, you only need to do this if your scenario has custom graphics.

Now you have everything you need. Make a topic on the Blades of Avernum forum announcing the release of your scenario. If you have your own webspace provide a link to the .zip files. Otherwise, ask for someone to host your scenario for you. Note that in either case your scenario will probably be mirrored on other websites, to preserve them in case your website ever goes down. Unless you ask otherwise, expect a mod to make a review thread for your scenario. Keep an eye on the forums after you release a scenario: chances are you'll have players asking for help or reporting bugs.

And that's it for Pesky Goblins! But this tutorial is not quite over...